Millets (Organic)

Millets (Organic) Millet has high content of nutrients, including impressive starch levels, high B- Vitamin content, as well as Calcium, iron, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium, not mention its being a healthy source of essential fats in the body.

Health benefits of Millets:
1. Beneficial in Detoxifying body
2. Lowers bad Cholesterol
3. Prevents on set of Breast Cancer
4. Helps to prevent type 2 Diabetes
5. Effective in reducing Blood pressure
6. Aids in treating respiratory conditions such as Asthma
7. Helps protect against Heart Diseases
8. Helps to optimizer Kidney Liver and Immune system health
9. Reduces risk of Gastro Intestine conditions like Gastric Ulcers or Colon cancer
10. Eliminates problems like constipation, excess gas, blotting and cramping

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